The Battle of Plattsburgh - Dean Mosher Commission

In Celebration of the Bicentennial

The Battle of Plattsburgh Association is proud to announce a campaign to commission nationally renowned painter Dean Mosher to create the definitive mural of the Battle of Plattsburgh to commemorate the bicentennial of the battle and have it ready by September 11, 2014.

Initial Sketch of the Bicentennial Mural

Mr. Mosher's works hang in museums and National visitor centers as well as at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, the United States Coast Guard Academy in Groton, Connecticut, and the John Paul Jones Arena at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. His most recent work Wilbur Wright Greets Lady Liberty has been accepted in the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum collection. He served as Historian General of the Naval Order of the United States for five years and has a reputation for unparalleled accuracy in his work.

Mr. Mosher has traveled to Plattsburgh several times to do research, including assembling a team of the finest scholars, historians, and technical experts in 1998 to painstakingly reconstruct the battle. This involved over 5,000 square feet of scale models of the bay (as it appeared in 1814) as well as a second area for the pivotal final sequences of the action. The map created from this effort has been used by the Naval Historical Foundation as the definitive overview of the battle. Mr. Mosher also created over 50 models of the vessels involved (at two different scales) to fully understand the initial approach and engagement to more accurately replicate the precise movements and placements on that historic day.

Mr. Mosher's portrait of Commodore Macdonough, commissioned by the Association, proudly hangs in our War of 1812 museum gallery, and we now feel that the larger work should be completed to allow present and future generations to better understand the heroic action.

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It is our intention to raise $100,000 for the commission of this work and appeal to all who understand the importance of depicting this epic event, accurately, as a legacy to the heroes who turned back the largest invasion force ever to set foot on American soil. Mr. Mosher has already expended a significant amount of time and effort to prepare for this work, which will center on eight vessels and nearly 1,000 figures. He will need an additional year to complete this more-than-100-square-foot masterwork: we need your support to get started. All contributions are tax deductible (consult with your tax advisor) and fall into the following categories:

Crewman: $100. Will receive a signed print of the painting.
Gunner's Mate: $250. Will receive a signed and numbered print of the painting.
Lieutenant: $500. Will receive two limited-edition signed and numbered prints with accompanying print of the "Close Action" painting of Commodore Macdonough
Captain: $1,000. Will receive five signed, numbered, and personalized prints of both the battle painting and the Macdonough portrait.
Master Commandant: $2,500. Will receive twelve sets of personalized signed and numbered limited-edition prints (both battle portrait and Macdonough portrait) and one remarqued print of the battle painting (from a special edition of only 75).
Vice Admiral: $5,000. Will receive an original drawing from the creation of the work as well as twenty-five sets of signed and numbered prints (both battle portrait and Macdonough portrait) and five remarqued prints.
Admiral: $10,000. Will receive three original drawings from the creation of the work, thirty sets of signed and numbered prints (both battle portrait and Macdonough portrait), and eight remarqued battle prints.
Fleet Admiral: $50,000. Will receive the artist's original master drawing of the epic work as well as twelve remarqued prints and fifty sets of personalized signed and numbered limited-edition prints (both the battle painting and Macdonough portrait).
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